Brasil em mim

Brasil em mim

text by Fernando Paulouro

Cover by Francisco Elias

Print type: Digital
Print run: 300 copies

Working for whom we admire is one of the most pleasant feelings, especially when there is total creative freedom. This was what happened when I recently was invited to draw the cover – just the cover – for the book “Brasil em mim” of the journalist and friend Fernando Paulouro Neves, winner of the 13th edition of the Eduardo Lourenço Prize. “Brasil em mim” recounts the author´s travel from Brasília – Oscar Niemeyer´s city – to the Amazon.

The cover is a modernist (de)construction based on Brazilian flag shapes and Niemeyer buildings, where the basic elements of graphic design – line, shape, texture and space – flow in a single gesture.

The main idea focus a visual cliché – Brazilian flag – interpreted in an unexpected way, drawing a bridge between places, cities and states, all represented by geometric shapes.