Cristovão Candeias

Cristovão Candeias


— Rejected proposal


The recognition of the brand (Cristovão Candeias) will arise through their visual conception namely by the logo, graphic symbol and idea.

In the creation of this proposal, one of the main issues was to cohabit harmoniously two elements: the concept and the execution. The balance between these two parts will be the key to designing a solution for a successful company.

The major premise in this project, it was to start from the actual identity and improve some invisible and visible aspects, concrete and abstracts.

The conscious use of typography, the correct execution of the design (graphic symbol), the conceptual game (idea/history behind the identity) and the impact on the market as it moves, are the fundamental lines to rebuild the brand “Cristovão Candeias”.


Simplicity, modernity and plasticity are the concepts exploited and that wil give life to this project.

Simplicity— The simplicity of a logo is an advantage over those who supposedly wil be more complex. A simple identity it can be more easily and immediately recognized. It is in the small details we can find great solutions.

Plasticity— The graphic symbol will present different textures/skins in order to differentiate different areas or positions within the company.

Modernity— As a requirement of contemporary design, achieved through the combination of the two described above.


The language is by definition “what things mean”. In the exercise presented, the volume, the three-dimensional and the reference to the technical element removed from the construction plans (the representation of a door) make the bridge to the area where the company Cristovão Candeias focuses.


Convert the letter “C” to an synthesizer and identifying element to the Cristovação Candeias company, by its graphics and a game concept.

The letter “C” comes from the initials of “Cristóvão”, “Candeias” and the Word “Construction”.


Textures or skins as described in the concept of plasticity, arise as a visual element with great importance. Their use will allow for a better brand recognition.

The textures were taken from the technical drawings used by architects or designers, in order to formalize the final idea in the construction of a certain project.

The area of construction is characterized by its own formal, conceptual and material diversity, and like so the textures, are being used as an element with maximum representation for the identity.