Brand Contest


In 2009 Lotus Festina promoted a brand contest during my Graphic Design Master in IED Madrid Institute. Jewelous was the winner work.


What do we want?

Place a singular jewelry brand wich relates and associates with the new space TimeRoad.

The brand will have a first approach towards your product, silver jewelry, but it is interesting that the possibility of further includes all other jewelry products, gold jewely and even diamonds.


Concept, Brand and Positioning

Fresh and attractive. With a differentiator in the marketplace. It has to be associated with a unique/exclusive and authentic value, without forgetting the values ​​and positioning have to show brand loyalty, TimeRoad:

“Buy cheap products of quality, in a space with ​​level.”


Silver jewelry with a modern design at a low price, suitable for every occasion. Wide variety of collections and products.



Girls/women aged 20 to 45, with a medium level. They like to keep up and take care about the right accessories for every occasion. Take care, play sports and go out with friends. Concerned about trends and new proposals. They enjoy getting noticed at work, on outings with friends or even their assistance to any new proposal or space.


Everyone aged 25 to 35 years. Low-priced product, with a quality design. For people concerned about their appearance, they like to show in every situation to go with the latest trends and find the newest on the market. Transmitting values ​​after progression, but without excess.

Wearing one of these gems, makes them feel secure and distinct from others, besides being able to have one for every occasion (for its wide variety of models at a low price).

Developing materials / Materials to develop

Naming has to be short, easy to remember and relates easily with the store concept.

Logo & Corporate Identity Manual