Nós.Território (Es)Cénico Portugal Galicia 


Território (Es)Cénico Portugal Galicia

National Theatre D. Maria II designed a cooperation project between the two Portuguese National Theatres (Lisbon and Porto) and the Galician Dramatic Center, as well as with the Superior Theatre / Drama Schools of Lisbon, Porto and Vigo.The project aims to create a regular circulation of performances (a theater production per year) between Lisbon, Porto and Santiago de Compostela, with the graduate students of the 3 Superior Drama Schools in different training areas.

Devised to help in the construction of a network of young artists, this project places National Theatres at the service of the educational community, reinforcing student’s professionalization and circulation.At the same time this project will enable the reinforcement of the cultural cooperation between Portugal and Galicia and a better knowledge of both peoples and culture.

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It was developed a dynamic graphic symbol which represent two faces of theatre: comedy and drama. The solution was to mirror the letter “S” in order achieve both expressions: happiness and sadness.

Subliminal idea

“Behind” the graphic symbol the project name “Nós” is revealed.



The lines draw a circular movement that represent metaphorically the union of the institutions involved.

Institutions involved

Teatro Nacional Dona Maria II (TNDM II)

Teatro Nacional São João (TNSJ)

Escola superior de Teatro e Cinema (Portugal)

Escola Superior de Música (Portugal)

Escola Superior de Arte Dramática de Galícia

Centro Dramático Galego (Galicia)