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Sendpoints Books is one of the best design books publishers and distributors in China. There are Sendpoints Books branches in Beijing and Shanghai besides the headquarter in Guangzhou. Sendpoints Books’ published or distributed publications are mainly design books that cover the fields of graphic design, advertising, real estate, product, garment, interior design, architecture and landscape design. Sendpoints Books has global partners based in the UK, the USA, Germany, Japan, Korea, Singapore, India, Taiwan and Hong Kong, etc. In Chinese mainland, we have an advanced sales network throughout China’s large and small cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, etc.

A I am happy to see that some of my works were published by Sendpoints Publishing House, namely in: “Branding First Vol.2″ and “Branding Element – Logos 2″.


About the Books


“Branding First Vol.2” it´s divided into two parts: brand renew and new brand. In the part of renew brand, it will present the latest rebrand identity designs around the world. Some have made slight adjustment on the basic of the original one, while some reposition themselves and change their old image in the market. In the part of new brand, you will see the latest brand identity designs all over the world.

“Branding Element – Logos 2” continues the mode of “Branding Element – Logos” applied, moreover, it has a detailed classification and in-depth content. In order to let readers know various design concepts, methods and the development tendency of logo designs, we have interviews with the designers who took part in this book.