TNSC Programme. National Theatre of Saint Charles

TNSC Programme.

National Theatre of Saint Charles

TNSC Programme is an editorial project developed for the oldest Portuguese theatre – The National Theatre of Saint Charles –, an opera house based in Lisbon since 1793.
In 2015 I had the privilege to be invited to build the new image for the upcoming theater season (2015/2016).
The goal was to develop a new visual language based on a 
contemporary approach, without ever neglecting its classical tradition and heritage.
Through a strict collaboration with the institution, I sought to create an communication object from zero – a cultural programme –, able to influence all supports, from web page and social media to theatre facade.
The main result was a programme with 144 pages, divided into four main seasons  — Lyric, Symphony, National Ballet Company and Chamber.
Special thanks to the graphic designer Mariana Rosa for her help and collaboration.

The National Theatre of Saint Charles is an opera house in Lisbon, Portugal. It was opened on July 30, 1793 by Queen Maria I as a replacement for the Tejo Opera House, which was destroyed in the 1755 Lisbon earthquake. The theatre is located in the historical center of Lisbon, in the Chiado district.